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Why Ken’s Live Virtual Classroom?

Firstly because Virtual Classrooms are now the-need-of-the-hour and will choose to remain so for times to come.

Secondly, Ken’s Live Virtual Classroom primarily addresses the needs of security, ease of use, accessibility, productivity, flexibility, retention achieving its policy of putting customer needs first. Ken’s LVC brings participants and Instructors live together on one platform. They are connected via both audio and video enabling them to interact face-to-face.

Participants can easily take the advantage of personalized and instant learning. This form of learning is both structured and free and so it helps in effective time management as well.

Features and

  • Strictly online, so no travel or time away from your company
  • Access the learning at any point in time
  • Best Instructors at your availability
  • No deviation from the quality of training
  • 100% interactive and engaging

How you could adapt to our LVC

Adapting to Ken’s LVC is simple and just needs the below from you.

  • A monitor and internet connection
  • A webcam facility with microphones so that face-to-face conversations are enabled
  • Stay tuned to our Live-Virtual-Classroom training page to see our ever-upgrading training programs.
  • Connect with us any time to discuss a specific requirement.

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