ADDIE model for Instructional Design

What is ADDIE ?

It is a framework with defined phases to design and develop instructional material

What are the Phases in ADDIE?

The five phases in this Model are :

  • "A" or Analysis,
  • "D" or Design,
  • "D" or Development,
  • "I" or Implementation
  • "E" or Evaluation

How does Ken apply this Framework for Custom Course Creation?

1) During the Analysis Phase, a dedicated team from Ken will participate in a series of client meetings, to:

  • understand corporate functions and skills required to perform them
  • identify skill gaps and in particular those that require customized training
  • collect information on the audience for the custom training
  • decide whether the course will be online or classroom training
  • make available all resources required for the chosen mode of delivery

2) In the Design Phase, we will focus on producing content to ensure the learning objectives are fulfilled. Ken will also develop a Storyboard for each course on PowerPoint to clearly articulate how the course will run, including games and assessments that will be a part of the course.A prototype, if required will be developed in this phase.

3) In the Development phase,a specialized course creation software will be used to incorporate all agreed up content. Technology infrastructure to build in Games will be perused to deliver the appropriate interactive or simulative experiences to maximize learning.

4) During the Implementation Phase, sufficient Train-the-trainer programs will be conducted and any support for course delivery will be extended to the trainers. Classroom Training session may be monitored to gather pointers on improving the sessions and to support trainers if the need arises.

5) The primary purpose of the Evaluation phase, is to ensure positive return on investment in the alliance with Ken in creating a Custom training programs. Ken's team will study the impact, collect feedback and complete the cycle by incorporating them in course material for improvements in future sessions.

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