Course Image Business Analysis
Offer Price:  ₹ 4000   1600/- 

Business Analysis is a systematic process of identifying needs in an establishment and devising means to achieve such requirements to ensure continuous organizational improvement and for sustained growth. Although most often the solutions are in the form of Information system and software applications, it may also simply be a procedural requirement.
This eLearning session covers skills that a typical Business Analyst needs to possess and the tasks they would need to complete for successful Business Analysis, such as:

  Assess overall business needs
  Study organizational structures, processes, procedures and methods
  Evaluate tasks and resources
  Investigate existing Business Systems
  Identify gaps, problems, new opportunities for growth
  Design appropriate solutions 
  Present findings to Management
  Assist in development and implementation (especially testing)
You will benefit from this course if you seek information on what entails Business analysis as an up and coming Analyst or if you are a senior developer, project manager or a technical leader who aspires to upgrade your skills.

Course Image Risk Management

Offer Price:   ₹ 2000   ₹ 800/- 

This course is specific to calculating and preparing for risks that occur while managing projects.  Starting with the importance of differentiating between problems, issues and risks, this course provides clear and detailed steps to identify, prepare, analyze and mitigate project risks. The Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) method is used as the basis for instruction and application of case studies and exercises for better understanding of the subject. 

Course Image Requirements Engineering

Offer Price:  ₹4000   1600/-

In the realm of software systems, a requirement is a need necessitated by users of the system to solve a problem or perform a function. The primary goal of any system is to ensure that these needs are fulfilled. Requirements Engineering is a methodical and iterative execution of three main steps – elicit (discover & establish) requirements, define specifications (document interactions of the system with various entities) and validate them (verify the feasibility of designing a system to meet the needs).

Ken’s online course in Requirements Engineering will provide a comprehensive understanding of this subject explained in simple terms with relevant examples. At the end of the course, the student will know what process and steps to follow in order to perform this important function in software engineering.

It is tailor-made for business analysts, business managers and members of their team, business change managers and project managers.