This is description for the Capacity and Performance Management Course.

Course Image Goal Setting
------------ Course Price: ₹ 850 ------------ 

It is common knowledge that setting goals have many benefits both for individuals and for organizations as a whole. Goals provide a direction and a purpose and break up intimidating activities into achievable projects. They improve self-confidence and push us onward towards a better end. 

However, as fruitful as goal setting can be, getting down to actually putting them on paper requires deliberate thought to both the goals themselves and the ways and means of achieving them.

Ken’s course on setting goals, provides context to goal setting, draw up a road map of activities leading up to set them, as individuals and as a part of an organizational team. Tips and advice on follow up actions, monitoring, control and steering toward set goals are also covered in the course.

Course Image Competency Mapping

------------ Course Price: ₹ 750 ------------

For any given job, on one hand, there is a set of required competencies to complete the job well and on the other, a set of available competencies in current employees who perform this job. Competency mapping is an HR exercise which takes inventory of these two types of competencies and compares them, in order to identify gaps (if competency is required but currently unavailable among employees). Such gaps could be solved if they are trainable. It can also be used to identify employees with misplaced skills and help identify a career path more appropriate to their skills.

Hence, competency mapping is a win-win for the entire business.

Ken’s course curriculum covers strategies and methods to conduct such an exercise, starting with job analysis and takes you through the exact steps to benefit from such mapping.