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He finished the phone call, thought for a while, and then ran to the bathroom. After a while, he came out with a towel and wiped Yan's face. After a while, he remembered something and got up to get it, but Yan held his hand. I'm fine. Don't worry. Yan Kui said slowly opened his eyes, reflected in the eyes of Meng Kui anxious and serious appearance, he pulled people closer, "really nothing." "You have a fever," Meng Yin stressed the fact, and put Yan Yan's shoulder back to the bed, "I go to pour water for you." He got up and took two steps, then turned around and frowned. "You lie down and be obedient." "Good," Yan Kui answered with a wry smile. He slowly raised his hand and touched his forehead. It was indeed a little burning. Before he went to bed yesterday, he was worried about whether Meng Yin would catch cold, but he was sick himself. When Meng Yen came back with water, Yan Yen lay down obediently according to his orders, and Meng Yen breathed a sigh of relief. He helped Yan Kui sit up and fed him water with a little unskillfulness. Yan Kui drank most of the cup. Meng Kui saw that he had enough, then put it aside, and then frowned at Yan Kui again. We shouldn't have gone to play in the water again yesterday. "I was already caught in the rain, and I was soaking in the pool. I can't say when I caught a cold.". Yan Kui nodded, "it's my fault." "No,plastic pallet bins, it's me." Meng sat a little closer. He held Yan gently as if he would feel uncomfortable if he was a little heavier. He whispered, "I know you got sick because you took care of me." When he got wet in the rain, he protected him. When he got to the resort, he kept everything close to him. Even when he went to the swimming pool, he taught him to swim. "It's my fault. I always want you to take care of me." Yan Kui's head was indeed a little heavy, and he could not think of any words to appease Meng Kui at once, but his hand had already embraced him, and he patted Meng Kui on the back, and for a moment he could not tell who had comforted whom. Meng's frustration came and went quickly. He sat up straight from Yan's arms and his expression returned to normal. Then he continued to work for Yan,plastic pallet crates, changing towels, calling the doctor, pouring water, and ordering food. Although Yan Kui side to mention one or two words, but Meng Kui is really doing his best to take care of people, Yan Kui and special cooperation, gradually Meng Kui's face is not so serious. There was a doctor on duty in the resort and he came half an hour later. Meng Yi led Yan Kui out, the doctor in the living room of the suite to see Yan Kui, after some examination, determined that it was a small cold, fever is not serious, after leaving the medicine, he left. Yan Kui first ate the white porridge that Meng Kui ordered for him, and then took the medicine. He went back to his room and lay down, accompanied by Meng Kui. Yan Kui probably slept for another two hours, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet crates, and their temperature had returned to normal. Meng Kui's seriousness finally dissipated a little, but he was still very attentive to Yan Kui. Yan Kui didn't do it for him. At about half past nine in the morning, they checked out and left the resort to wait for Zhao Bing and Yan Mingya in Lijiacun. And several directors and managers who came specially to make amends to Yan Kui just missed it, and they went on to hold a meeting to discuss it, but how to solve the matter in the end, that Dong Fei could not stay in this resort. Yan and Meng left the resort and walked to Lijia Village. Before they reached Huatian, Li Lan ran far away. You really want to come ah, I thought you would not come, "Li Lan in the end young, what he thought also said, but his face is a big smile, for the arrival of Yan Yan and Meng Yan is very surprised.". As he led the way, he talked to him, "My family is small." But it's clean. My grandfather and I both like to be clean. This is barely an advantage that his family can have. There were some changes in the way Yan and Meng got along with each other, but no matter how precocious Li Lan was, he was still happily leading the way. "I didn't skip classes today. I asked Grandpa to ask for leave for me." Meng Yan Wen Yan looked at Li Lan, and his eyes fell back on Yan Kui. He looked at him carefully, as if Yan Kui had been walking for more than half an hour, and he would be tired. Yan rubbed Meng's hair and whispered in his ear, "I'm all right, really." "Well," Meng Yin answered, but holding Yan's hand a little tighter. Ten minutes later, Yan and Meng met Li Lan's grandfather, an old man in his sixties who had been suffering from illness for many years. His back was bent and his expression was not very good, but the smile on his face was very kind. His eyesight might have guessed that Yan and Meng's family were not ordinary, but he did not ask much. I want to thank you, "Li Lan was sent to make tea, his grandfather just opened his mouth to say this, words and look are a little excited." I always knew that Lanzi had been framed, but I. Nothing can be done. The child is too careful. I have been afraid that he will get sick. Thank you. Thank you. "No, Li Lan." Very filial and well-behaved. Meng Yi can not think of any special words to praise people, for a time can only think of these two words, the former is reasonable, he is really very good to his grandfather, but "good" this description is Li Lan grandfather also dare not recognize. Li Lan came in with tea, apparently hearing Meng's words of praise. He blushed, shy and angry, but when Meng looked over, he blushed even more and did not say a word. Not long after they sat in the courtyard of Li Lan's house, Zhao Bing came with Yan Mingya. According to Yan Kui's command, Zhao Bing asked Wang Ma to prepare something for them to bring over. Naturally, he did not bring his own food, but some dried aquatic products. Sure enough, Grandpa Li Lan delayed and accepted it. If he really gave the money, he was afraid that they would not be willing to accept it. Zhao Bing was still cold and paralyzed, but Yan Mingya's face looked a little haggard, more haggard than the sick Yan, but when he saw Meng, his eyes were as bright as if he had seen some rare treasure. Auntie,plastic pallet containers, I answered. The first thing he said when he saw Meng Yen was this. If he could, he would like to sign the cooperation contract with Meng Yen now. All the details were discussed. But as soon as he turned his eyes, he looked at Yan Yen. He could only suppress those impulses.

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