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Anyone in the world

As he spoke, there was a strange look in his eyes and he said, "But before I teach you, at least let me taste the benefits." The "benefits" mentioned by Dugu Zhan Meng, of course, refer to the matter of staying behind for the Dugu family. "Ming Lengxiang smiled, and smiled in a charming way." Of course Her voice was so soft that she said, "Tonight has just begun!"! No matter what you do first, there's always more time, isn't there? "I remember telling you that as long as I enter Guyang City, there are always some ways for me." Yuwen Fengling's legs are washing in the basin. That pair of soft and beautiful white wrists are driving the delicate fingers to slide over the ankles and calves, giggling. There is your way! Dong Jiuzi's eyes flashed twice, and her voice was low and deep: "Your better way is to point my acupoint.." "Ha ha ha." Yuwen Fengling smiled and took the towel from the servant beside him, wiping his feet and saying: "Didn't you think that at least three thousand of the twenty thousand troops besieging us this afternoon were my men?" Because of this, the three thousand men clearly attacked and killed both of them. In the dark is to cover Yuwen Fengling point system Dong Jiuzi's acupoint, hidden in a secret room in Guyang City. What is your purpose? Dong Jiuzi said in a deep voice, "How does this help your purpose?" Yuwen Fengling smiled gently, put a pair of jade ankles into the small boots, and stood up and walked to Dong Jiuzi's side. He leaned forward a little slowly and said with a faint smile, "When it helps, there are at least two great benefits.." Dong Jiuzi raised her eyebrows, only to see Yuwen Fengling raise her body again and giggle and say, "First, Black Lover and Little Xitian have lost us. They must come back to Guyang City to find out what's going on.." Of course,wire nail making machine, the conflict between them and Ming Lengxiang is the time when Yuwen Fengling reaps the benefits of others. Another point. Yuwen Fengling laughed even more proudly. She pointed to Dong Jiuzi and said in a giggling voice, "That's you. You're the one who passed on the unique knowledge of the East China Sea." Dong Jiuzi raised his thick eyebrows and snorted, "Hey, hey!"! Dong Mou can die, but it is impossible to help a tyrant to do evil and help you as a jackal. Yuwen Fengling burst out laughing and reached out to hold Dong Jiuzi's wrist. In an instant, a Qi movement quickly and quickly penetrated into Dong Jiuzi's body. Under the influence of this Qi movement, the innate Qi movement in Dong Jiuzi's body was immediately triggered. It was just a snap of a finger. The Qi movement of Yuwen Fengling moved four acupoints and veins, all of which were blocked by Dong Jiuzi's innate Qi. Hee hee, interesting! Yuwen Fengling withdrew his hand and pondered for a moment. Then he nodded and said,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, "So that's it. The Ren and Du Meridians are among the eight most important extra meridians in the East China Sea.." She took one look at Dong Jiuzi and answered with a faint smile, "The Conception Vessel starts from the Chengjiang point and goes down to the 24 major points of Lianquan, Tiantu, Xuanji, Huagai, Zigong, Yutang, Shanzhong, Zhongting, Jiuwei, Juque, Shangwan, Zhongwan, Jianli, Xiawan, Shuifen, Coil nail machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, Shenque, Yinjiao, Qihai, Shimen, Guanyuan, Zhongji, Qugu and Huiyin." Yuwen Fengling held his head high and smiled proudly. Then he said, "The Governor Vessel starts at Touhui and goes down to Qianyu, Shangxing, Shenting, Baihui, Houding, Qiangjian, Suwan, Naohu, Shuigou, Fengfu, Duiduan, Jinjiao and Yamen.". Dazhui, Taodao, Shenzhu, Shendao, Lingtai, Zhiyang, Jinshou, Jizhong, Xuanshu, Mingmen, Yangguan, Yaoshu, Changqiang, a total of 27 points.. Dong Jiuzi's face did not change. "So what if you know that?" He snorted. Ha ha ha! If my confirmation of the test just now is not wrong. Yuwen Fengling eyes shine, slowly way: "Your door is using the initial basic skills of little Zhou Tiankan's copulation. Hey!"! Return air mixing, Bairilinggong '! ". Speaking of the last sentence, Dong Jiuzi had to look up in surprise. How's that? Surprised? Yuwen Fengling asked with a light smile. "Hey, hey!"! Not to be underestimated. Dong Jiuzi nodded and said, "I've known for a long time that you are gifted and enlightened. You can learn each other's mental skills from fighting with others.." A deep sigh! Dong Jiuzi had to admit: "Now that I've really seen it, I'm still surprised!" Yuwen Fengling was so proud that he relaxed his arms and took a deep breath: "But what I mentioned just now is only the rough and rudimentary part of the outer vein. As for the real subtle meaning, it will take some time.." As he spoke, the door of the Chamber of Secrets opened invisibly. After reporting the great hatred, news came from the palace. A man in his fifties stood at the entrance with eyes like eagles, thick eyebrows and big ears. Eh? How is it? "Tonight Ming Lengxiang sleeps with a man from the Central Plains." With a flash of his eyes, the man in his fifties said in a deep voice, "And at midnight, both of them went to the Sword Test Pavilion to practice martial arts.." Yuwen Fengling frowned and asked, "Have you found out the name of the man from the Central Plains?" "No." Yuwen Fengling nodded and asked, "What are the characteristics?" "This.." The man in his fifties hesitated for a moment and said, "The news from the palace is that there are three blood stains on the back of his right hand." Three Sword Creations? As soon as Yuwen Fengling's face changed, he waved his hand and said, "Stand down!" "Yes!" The man retreated respectfully. Yuwen Fengling immediately turned to Dong Jiuzi and said in a deep voice, "Mr. Dong, you should know who he is." Of course Dong Jiuzi knows. The heir of Dugu Zhan Meng must have this mark. It is said that it is one of the most important processes in learning the best "Sixteen Swords". What is the purpose of Dugu Zhuanmeng and Minglengxiang to test the Sword Pavilion? Yuwen Fengling frowned deeply and said, "Is it difficult for Dugu Zhan Meng to pass on the secret of Dugu Family's Zhan Tian 16 Swords to Ming Lengxiang,Nail Making Machine price, that bitch?" This is the most likely explanation. That's also the most worrying explanation. Once Ming Lengxiang can combine the'Puyi Divine Skill 'with the Sixteen Swords to create a new martial art.. Yuwen Fengling took one look at Dong Jiuzi and said slowly, "I believe that in only three years, she can train a group of people to enter the Central Plains Wulin.." 。