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Anyone in the world

Without waiting for Zhou Yulong to speak, the doctor scolded him coldly and said lightly, "How can the last camp guard battle be compared with the present situation?". Let's start with the last time. First, we have enough people! Second, we have a solid wall of high bases! Third, the searchlight of the camp is enough to illuminate the whole area, so that we can see the enemy's situation at a glance! Fourth, the camp built on the top of the mountain, zombies can only attack from the front! But now, which of these four conditions do we meet? "Er, so that's it." The doctor's words choked Zhao Laifu for a long time, and he could only nod with a smile. Looking at his teammates with a serious face, Zhou Yulong clapped his hands and beat them up: "In fact, there is nothing to be afraid of, the number of zombies this time is far inferior to the last time!"! Besides, the roads in the town are winding, and even if zombies pour in, they will be diverted by the roads,plastic pallet price, and then we will face even fewer zombies. Indeed, as long as they occupy the commanding heights of good office buildings, more zombies will only become targets for them to knead after being diverted by the streets. Brother Long, what should I do? Facing a large-scale battle for the first time, Ye was so excited that his voice trembled. Looking at the young man's excited and nervous appearance, Zhou Yulong patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile,collapsible pallet box, "First, you have to hold the weapon in your hand and don't go off.". Second, follow me, ordinary zombies let the team to solve. And the L-shaped zombie will be given to you, presumably with your reaction and speed, to deal with that kind of thin-skinned monster, or easy. "Well!"! Yes! Ye Wuming nodded while clenching the military police pistol in his hand, if only in the face of L-shaped zombies, he is confident that there is no problem. Brother Long, these zombies seem to have found something, they did not go into the city, but wandered around in the woods on the outskirts of the city, as if they were searching for something! A sentry observer put down his military telescope and shouted at Zhou Yulong. Search for what? Zhou Yulong's face suddenly dignified up, ibc spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, can let zombies interested in only one, that is, fresh flesh and blood! And there is only one place outside the city where there is a lot of fresh flesh and blood, and that is Ling Bing's gathering place! It was at this time that there was a burst of gunfire in the distant mountains, and a sudden burst of screams and roars. Chapter 146 gambling on life! "It seems that the zombies did find them!" Listening to the increasingly urgent gunfire and wailing, Zhou Yulong breathed a deep breath. In such a chaotic situation, the two sisters were blessed to save their own lives. Help! Help! We encountered a large group of zombies! While Zhou Yulong was concentrating on preparing for the war, the lovely voice of Ling Jing's little girl came from the walkie-talkie on his waist. The beautiful voice was no longer arrogant or arrogant at the beginning, but full of fear and panic. Looking at the constant flash of fire in the woods outside the town, Zhou Yulong sighed and picked up the walkie-talkie and said: "I am in the government office building, you retreat here, I will cover you!" However, Zhou Yulong's reply did not make the little girl feel at ease, only to hear her cry and say: "No, we are surrounded by zombies, a lot of zombies.". Can you come and save us? We still have a lot of survivors. "At her speed, she can escape safely, but there is no way to escape with the survivors." No way Zhou Yulong ruthlessly let his tone become very indifferent: "We have set up a good line of defense, and the town is too dangerous!"! I can't trade the lives of my team members for the lives of the survivors I don't know! I still say that, I will wait for you in the office building! As long as you can get into the shooting range, I can help you stop the zombies behind you! "How can we give up these innocent survivors?" The cry in the voice of the little girl became even worse! They are all human lives! For a long time, the belief of the indoctrinated to protect the people has made Ling Jing unable to abandon these poor survivors. "But my teammates' lives are more important than theirs!" Zhou Yulong said impatiently, "I am not a hero, nor a soldier guarding the people!"! I'm just an ordinary person trying to survive in the end of the world! So for me, except for the people I care about, I can give up all other lives! So, I still say, if you can't hold on, come to me! If you want to hold on to that lofty creed, there's nothing I can do about it! The call is over! With that, Zhou Yulong inserted the walkie-talkie into his waist and ignored the little girl's next pleading and crying in the walkie-talkie. Brother Long, why don't we take a few people to support us? Looking at Zhou Yulong's angry face, Ye Wuming, who was not deeply involved in the world, asked cautiously. No need! Safety first! Zhou Yulong did not hesitate to shake his head, joking, not to mention two beautiful women just met, is a lot of beautiful women, he will not risk his life at will! The gunfire outside the town continued to ring sporadically, but the wailing sound was getting smaller and weaker. There should have been a lot of people buried in the mouth of the body. I just don't know how long that pair of stubborn sisters can hold out. Brother Long! Here they come! The voice of the sentry woke Zhou Yulong up from his meditation. He quickly picked up the military telescope and looked at the entrance of the town. Sure enough,plastic pallet suppliers, under the shelter of two beautiful figures, more than 20 scattered survivors were stumbling towards the office building. Everyone clenched their teeth and ran forward, and no one paid any attention to the two girls behind them who were fighting with weapons and zombies.