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"No, you must go through your own door.". You can't get into other people's rooms. Don't waste time. Qiao Yunxin panted and jumped to a relatively safe position with both hands. Time goes by minute by minute, there are still ten minutes left, the door seems to be within reach, but in fact, if you want to get there, you have to go all out! The nearly transparent creature inside the meatball had nibbled away the last white tentacle, and it burped contentedly, then blinked its big black eyes twice, and its finger-sized mouth suddenly split into its lower jaw. Hum!.. Parked in the square, some glass burst instantly. It's ultrasound! Mei Meimei reacted so quickly that she covered her ears with her hands. But at this time is having the tentacle to hit Qiao Yunxin, if covers the ear with both hands, the tentacle hits to the calf will not be able to keep. Qiao Yunxin had to give up his ears and fight against the tentacles of the octopus monster. Zhou Chengtao's situation is not much better, although most of the octopus monster has been blocked by Mei Meimei and Qiao Yunxin, but there are still sporadic tentacles in his direction, he can only slightly open his lips,Time Delay Tap, trying to reduce the shock. But that's not enough. The eardrum is almost one of the most fragile tissues of human beings. He and Qiao Yunxin's ears quickly flowed down with bright red blood. There was a buzzing sound in their ears, which was not very clear. As a doctor, Zhou Chengtao understood that his eardrum was injured. But he thought of his special constitution and quickly calmed down. But Qiao Yunxin's injury is not optimistic, but in this case, in addition to life and death, the injury should be ranked after death,Flush Retrofit Kit, if death does not matter whether the injury is not injured. Qiao Yunxin was still struggling to move forward, as if he could not feel that he had been injured. Zhou Chengtao kept his mouth firmly closed and tried not to let his movements affect Qiao Yunxin. After the first shock wave, the scattered octopus monster held up his compatriots who had been roasted by the artillery fire and retreated quickly. Six shimmering doors appeared in front of the three men without any concealment. Inside the tank, many human eardrums have been broken. Including the commander of this tank team. Start the giant cannon, all of you, back up! Considering the reality of the situation, the commander translated the information into words and sent it to the inside of each tank. All the tanks that had been attacking forward quickly retreated and then joined together to form another huge machine, just like Transformers. Seeing this, Qiao Yunxin's forehead suddenly jumped. Not good Mei Meimei took a look at Qiao Yunxin and the opposite machine and felt the crisis. The opposite machine had not fired for several seconds, but the sense of threat was growing. The monster matrix hiding in the meatball seemed to feel threatened, looking straight at the machine composed of tanks through the layers of octopus monsters. Without the slightest hesitation, Flushometer valve ,push button toilet flush valve, a series of instructions were issued from the antennae of the matrix, and the speed of the octopus monsters suddenly increased to the extreme! Obviously, those machines composed of tanks can threaten their safety. A creepy feeling came, Mei Meimei shivered all over her body, and her hair stood up, "Sister Yunxin, hurry up!"! I don't feel good! Qiao Yunxin's five senses are very strong, she also felt the fatal crisis! Both of them ran to the door at the fastest speed. Like the rays of the sun's light waves twisted in a machine made up of tanks, countless octopus monsters formed a wall in the machine's attack path, just between the three men and the door. Shit! Looking at the wall of flesh between herself and the door, Mei Meimei cursed that there were only five minutes left. Grind one's teeth to look at Qiao Yunxin, everybody's situation is not very optimistic. She remembered that there was a doorknob on her door, and Mei Meimei glanced at the octopus monster wall, which was about five meters high. The tentacles on his wrists stretched rapidly, then flew over the top of the octopus monster and wrapped themselves around the doorknob of his door. It's entangled! As soon as Mei Meimei was pleased, she immediately ran in the direction of Qiao Yunxin and held them in her arms. Pulling her tentacles, Mei Meimei climbed up on the top of the octopus monster. The octopus monster was busy building walls and did not pay attention to the two or three insects in his team, which made Mei Meimei's speed very fast. At this rate, in less than three minutes, they can definitely get back inside the door! But the feeling of extreme danger did not decrease, but became more and more intense, and in a very short time, Mei Meimei's face was covered with sweat! Hurry up! Faster! Faster! A psychic blast twice as high as before came again from the direction of the Octopus Matrix. Qiao Yunxin quickly covered his ears. Hum ~ ~ ~ ~ Hum ~ ~ ~ ~ Uh Mental waves act directly on the brain. A vertigo. Mei Meimei did not step on it steadily and fell into a pile of octopus monsters. Fortunately, Meimei's tentacles have their own expulsion effect, and at this time the minds of these octopus monsters are not on Meimei's body, several of them to Luodao octopus monster pile, miraculously not injured. But it's too late! Only one minute left! Zhou Chengtao, who had been carried by Qiao Yunxin all the time, was obviously aware of this situation, and his face turned pale in an instant. We don't have time. Looking at Qiao Yunxin's open lips to himself, Zhou Chengtao could not hear them, but from his own shallow knowledge of lip language, he could also infer what she was saying. They don't have time! And they have no ability to bring themselves together! Zhou Chengtao nodded. He understood the situation and everyone had done their best. In a flash, he made a decision.. "You go first!" Zhou Chengtao slipped down from Qiao Yunxin's back, and at the moment they hesitated, he quickly jumped into the rolling octopus monster! Then Qiao Yunxin did not hesitate to crush the pendant on his neck, and a flash of light disappeared. Stay alive! Mei Meimei understood the shape of Qiao Yunxin's lips. Only 30 seconds left! There is no time! Too late to think,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, Mei Meimei came to the door by her tentacles. Suddenly, a terrible shock wave came from the front, almost rushing Mei Meimei out of the halo of the door.

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