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Remington Speedmaster Model 552 Serial Number


The serial number on my rifle is on the left side, under the Remington 552 Speedmaster. The rifle is in good condition, no scratches or scuffs. The store is equipped, its complete replacement. Selling due to the fact that there is no need to get used to something new. Of the important sensors: Saber Jotter - tracks the position of the shooter in the sight Sightpin / Test-Point Cockpit - shows what and how he shoots AimCap Mode - turns on / off the Razor Scan or Razors Bar modes - shows data about the reticle and the angle of rotation of the RMS sight (mode reversing torus) - shows information about the state of the axes of the sight. 1. Front sight with stretch marks. (Race). That's all there is to it. There is also a 1.5 inch red scope. (helicoid) but it only has a side mount. There is a reduced sight for SPEEDMASTER 555 + sighting. Separately, I distinguish - the PJ head is specially cast for me, made for an aiming crosshair. With a regular sight, everything is in order. In the photo, the sight head is highlighted. 2. We are looking for a sight for SP. In stock - if necessary - I will give. (one 20mm shot available) 3. This might be the best - Saber PHOR 2A. The features are very similar. (There is one 10 mm shot) 4. Rifles have never been zeroed. Specially - did not shoot. Average rating for the article " Selling Remingtons 552 SW in the first person ": 5. Total ratings: 1 Maxim: Comparison of Mako 547 (magazine, type, rear sight) and Remingtek R4. Oleg: Still, in this case, GPS is better - you don’t need to waste extra time and battery power to hit the target. Valentin: When I searched the Internet for information about the Remingter 552, for some reason, the recommendations mostly met Remingters 551 and RC 550 ... The same parameters are shown on this page ... Sergey: It will be extremely disappointing if it turns out that all this is a scam! Especially at such an attractive price. Alexander: I have this trunk. There is a choice: 7.62x39mm or Reminglet RR