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To Two Scammers who have disguised themselves as priests, it is difficult to continue the action.n events that occur when two fugitive convicts are mistaken for Catholic priests from Rome. This threatens with serious consequences for all Americans. And the state cannot help. How can you help? You should at least tell someone. This is an emergency. And who should we tell? How can you tell? I did this for all mankind. And if you want to engage in underground activities, it is for the good of all mankind, in the interests of all mankind, and besides, in order to divert attention from Christ - for before Christ is forgotten, people must be inspired that "Christianity is not Christianity." So you can tell. In our time, it is difficult to talk about this - criticism is too great and reasonable. And the further, the more difficult. And sitting in jail in order to tell about it is, apparently, what needs to be done. And an attempt to tell about these two crimes was carried out. Until now, I cannot tell about the murder committed by these two criminals. I can not do it. Moreover, it seems to me that it would be unfair if I did not do this. He must confess, he must reveal his soul - and no one must see his face. In prison, two men named Robert and Alexander Walker, who are on death row, plan their escape. Their plans were successful. They decide to flee to Mexico - in the direction where they will be transported the fastest. After delivering two escaped prisoners by plane to Mexico, one of them commits murder, and the other - an illegal deal with justice. So he tries to buy time until the moment when someone else is killed. However, after some time, news comes that they were killed while trying to escape. And as a result of this, one of the stolen cars will not be delivered to the Mexican airport. The further fate of the escaped and murdered criminal is unknown.n n n A version of the events leading up to them. n Dramatic films made extensive use of the musical themes that would become American cinema classics: "It's a Man's Man's Job" by Jelly Roll Morton, "How You Make It" by Charlie Chaplin and "Bedtime Story" by Ray Rice.n This dispute over the "absurdity" of absolutism, racial discrimination, which share in the armed conflicts of the time