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! Just six words, but let her heart suddenly tremble, a kind of inexplicable touching welled up in her heart. We Don't you come back? "Not coming back." "The throne.." Don't want it? "No more." "Lin Nanyi." "Well, I'm here." She stretched out her arms and hugged him gently. His slightly gathered cheek rubbed against his brocade clothes and said, "I always feel incredible.." "Is it?" Lin Nanyi smiled and said, "So do we have any indication?" "Ang-" The next second, she padded her feet and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, Lin Nanyi, for a kiss!" Thank you for staying and never leaving! "It's true." Timid. Lin Nanyi chuckled, touched her face with his right hand, and kissed her off guard. Luo Qingchen was stunned, completely unaware that Lin Nanyi, who had always been cold, was suddenly so. So. Bold? Faint kiss, followed by crimson cheeks, and the long-lost prompt tone. [Ding-plus 20 for favorability, 100% for task completion.] Chapter 1577 of the main text: The ups and downs of rivers and mountains, only you lose the whole game (1) What I covet is the fireworks of the world,Magnesium Oxide powder, impartial, and it happens to be you. Lin Nanyi Born to be the son of an emperor, there are many helpless things there. I used to be a proton before I became 95 supreme. It is used to maintain the friendly relations between the Celestial Empire and the Liuli Kingdom. It is a gift sent out. The days in Liuliguo were not good, but later I missed it very much. I miss the time when there was no political power, no power and no helplessness. I can only wait for everything in China. For her.. I can only run away. I have a very stubborn character in heaven, which probably comes from my mother. My fate is mostly due to her persistence. Because the man she fell in love with was not my father. My father, on the other hand,Magnesium Sulphate producer, loved her very much. Love so much that she banished me to the country of glass in order not to let her live and die with her beloved. I will always remember what his father said to his mother on the day he left China. 'If You kill yourself, your son will never come back. ' I saw my mother's tears and her sad wry smile. At that time, I knew that in the world of love, if you don't get a person's heart, you don't have it. Even though the father got his mother's body, he still didn't have her soul. So the moment I met her, I knew there was no future between us. Because I can't get her completely, and she can't belong to me completely. Since you can't have the only one, since you can't have a pair of people for a lifetime, you can't bow your head and yield. Probably at that time, her personality was too autocratic, and I was too stubborn. In those days in the country of glass, I felt except for the occasional inexplicable palpitations. There is only one feeling left: tortured by her, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,calcium nitrate sol, tortured by her, tortured by her. I thought I would hate her. But the moment I left Liuliguo, I knew I couldn't hate it at all. I didn't even dare to turn around for fear of seeing her reluctant eyes. She likes me. I know. What I don't know is whether this kind of love only belongs to me. After returning to the Celestial Empire, I knelt before my father's bed. Besides me, there are other princes. And my father's trembling hand held me alone. He passed the throne to me. At that time, when I looked at his face all around and the tears in his eyes, there was an indescribable feeling in my heart. He loves my mother, so whether my mother loves him or not, he just wants the throne. Pass it to me. The days after I ascended the throne were not as comfortable as I had imagined. Brothers fought, ministers advised, and all kinds of things came as scheduled. At that time, I had a face that did not change color, with a panic that no one could know. Fortunately, I got through it. The three forces contained each other, and the situation in China was fixed. And at this time, I got a message: the small country on the border of Liuli country, United together to attack the city. Even if we haven't seen each other for many years, even if the memories of the past have long been buried in our hearts. But when it came to my ears, I still couldn't sit idly by. I personally led the army to wipe out the small countries first, and finally destroyed the country of glass with my own hands. Because I can't keep it. It's awesome. Leaving only a glass country is inconsistent with my reason for sending troops. Even as an emperor, he still can't go his own way. But I could be a captive nation, I can protect her family, I can take her back to Chang'an. Chapter 1578 of the main text: The ups and downs of rivers and mountains, only you lose the whole game (2) Meet again, the enemy at the gates. She recognized me at first sight, and I could feel the hatred in her clean and clear eyes. Endless hatred. She hates me, I know. After all, I destroyed her country. After all, she was supposed to be queen. Now, she can only be a prisoner. But at least by doing so, she will not fall into the hands of other countries. At least, I can use my own way and power to protect her. The day I took her back to the palace, I gave her a title. No one in the harem could bully her. Everyone who saw her had to salute and call her, "Princess.". But even so, it still didn't change her original intention of killing me. I knew there was endless hatred in her heart, but I didn't think she wanted to kill me. Every time I narrowly escaped death at her hands, I would say to myself: I can move her, and she will understand. If one day she is willing to belong to me, then we will love each other. Unfortunately, what I waited for was not her change of heart, but her use of herself as bait to kill me. The funny thing is that even though I know that all this is her deliberate plan, I am still trapped in it,calcium ammonium nitrate price, unable to extricate myself. Because I can't kill her. So I had to wait for her to kill me. People always say, "If God closes a door for you, he will open a window for you.".

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