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Leo felt something was wrong, too. His seventh sense was in full swing. There is no life around here except the endless trees! Something's wrong ! Something is really wrong. ! Leo felt like he was being watched. It feels like a hunter staring at his prey! I feel a little depressed! "Move on!"! Seven seven Don't be afraid, it's nothing! Qiqi was so frightened that she clasped Leo's hand. She slowly followed Leo through the Valley of Death. The more you walk, the more dark it is, the more obvious the gloomy feeling is, and the more you walk, the more you feel like being stared at by something. Leo's natural sense of crisis told him that there was danger! Leo bowed his head and said to Qiqi. : "Qiqi, get ready. There may be danger here." Qiqi has long felt the danger. She has already raised her fighting spirit to the limit. The silver-white armor is emitting a soft white light, which is a sign of Qiqi's full operation of fighting spirit. Seeing that Qiqi was ready, the dragon-shaped gold suit on Leo's body also sent out golden light. Gradually, the golden light became more and more prosperous. Qiqi knew that this was the result of Leo's golden fighting spirit. Slowly, from the place of Leo's arms, you can still hear the faint sound of dragon singing! "Come out!"! Come on out "The sound of fighting with gold penetrated the whole Valley of Death in an instant." No matter who you are, no matter how you hide,pallet rack shelving, I have felt your position! Come on out ! Stop being a coward. !” As Leo's voice shouted out, after a while, there was a sudden gust of wind in Death Valley. It makes people feel creepy. Although Qiqi was on full alert, he was still shocked into a cold sweat. "Here he is!" Said Leo coldly. " A very strong opponent! Qiqi also felt it. Qiqi, there may be a fierce battle later! Why don't you just sit back and watch me take care of the person you're afraid of? ! Pretend to scare you. Damn it! "Leo's body sent out a strong sense of war!"! Qiqi was about to tell Leo to be careful when suddenly a terrible idea flashed through her mind: darkness! Dark ! Dark ! Dark ! These words are repeatedly coiled in Qiqi's mind. An unspeakable inexplicable force began to burn rapidly in the heart of Qiqi! That force seems familiar. And it seems to be very opposite! What the hell is going on here? ? Qiqi,automated warehouse systems, she can't say. Suddenly Qiqi was not afraid again. Seeing Qiqi in a daze, Leo was a little worried. He thought Qiqi was too young to be frightened by the momentum. Leo said, "Qiqi, listen to me and hide quickly. The battle is coming soon!" Qiqi shook his head firmly: "Brother Leo, let me face this battle with you!" "No!"! Enemies on the horizon are not yours to deal with. 。 Be good, listen to me and hide away first! But didn't you say that? Must a person keep fighting if he wants to improve his strength? "I want to improve my strength, I want to fight!" Qiqi said firmly. " All right then! But you have to promise me ! Later, if we don't win. You have to use your speed advantage to run away first, do you understand? In the midst of battle, I may not be able to take care of you! "Leo began to prepare for the worst.". Because he can feel that the power that is about to appear is absolutely not under his own, medium duty racking ,metal racking systems, so this is a hard battle! Qiqi nodded: "I know!" Two people waited for a while, suddenly a dragon Yin sounded, instantly shook the valley! This sound is no more than the sound that Leo made just now when he fought with gold. 。 Qiqi was startled by the sound of the dragon singing. Brother Leo, why do you sing for no reason? Qiqi knew that there was a sounding device on the arms of the golden warrior Leo's golden suit, and when the golden fighting gas flowed through the arms, the golden suit would emit a slight dragon chant. But when a large amount of gold fighting spirit passes through the arms in an instant, the momentum of dragon singing is enough to kill people! One time, when dealing with some super killers, Leo stunned those super killers with one move, Long Yin. At that time, Qiqi was present, and I was particularly impressed by the sound of the dragon singing Qiqi. This dragon song is simply a copy of that time. Leo frowned: "Qiqi, I didn't use Longyin!" Qiqi was stunned. "Then who is using Longyin?" As he spoke, suddenly the surrounding trees fell down in rows, the earth shook, followed by a burst of dragon singing! As the trees fall. A monster five times bigger than Leo has appeared! Leo and Qiqi can see it clearly. This huge monster is a huge black dragon! Leo exclaimed, "This is the legendary ten-level Warcraft Emperor Dark Dragon!"! Seven seven You hide quickly, quickly! Level 10 Warcraft Emperor Dark Dragon! This Leo has been seen in the information of Super Warcraft. 。 At that time, when they wanted to go to the Dome Mountain to look for the gods, Leo checked all kinds of Warcraft information, including all kinds of Warcraft emperors. And what impressed Leo most was the Dark Dragon, the king of dragons! Leo still remembers the information about the dark dragon. 。 In the information, there is a picture of a dark dragon, which is dark, dragon-shaped and about 10 meters high. Dark dragons are good at physical attacks and use dark magic unknown to humans. Dark dragons were recorded about 150 years ago in the plains of heroes. The Dark Dragon has taken possession of the Heroic Plains, and it runs to attack the City of Fariki every day. Had it not been for the natural barrier and the numerous magicians, it would not have been able to resist the attack of the Dark Dragon. The Dark Dragon failed to attack the Manic several times, and it retreated to the Heroic Plains. Faliqi immediately turned to various countries for help. At that time, humans sent 300000 troops to conquer the dark dragon. But the dark dragon is the king of dragons. When only 300,000 Terran troops arrived at the hero plain, the dark dragon suddenly cast a powerful and large area of dark magic, making all 300,metal racking systems,000 troops weak. The soldiers, too weak to bear the weight of their armor, fell to the ground.