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Kuai Liang nodded and said, "Report back to my master. That's why I'm here.". Yesterday, the people reported that the people in the north of the city had diarrhea, but only one or two people. Today, more than 20 people have suffered from diarrhea, even dehydration in serious cases. The matter is very difficult, humble position to find master for advice to deal with the law. Wang can frowned and said, "Where are the doctors in the city?"? Is there nothing they can do? When something happened, Wang can first thought of the doctor in the city. Kuai Liang shook his head and said, "I have summoned all the doctors in the city, but many of them packed their bags and left Xiangyang when they heard that it was a flood. There are very few doctors left to treat the people. It is far from enough.". Now the epidemic is beginning to spread, if not contained in time, I am afraid the situation will be out of control. As soon as Wang Canlue thought about it, he said, "I can send a letter to Chengdu immediately, and let Hua Tuo and Zhang Zhongjing bring medical students to Xiangyang to treat the people.". But even if they speed up, it will take ten days and a half months to arrive, so what we need to do now is to curb the spread of the epidemic. Kuai Liang is also very worried, heart secretly scold Zhuge Liang. Wait for ten days and a half months, I'm afraid the people of Xiangyang to vitality. All this is caused by Zhuge Liang. Zhuge family live in Xiangyang, is also a part of Xiangyang, but for their own sake, but the Xiangyang countless people implicated,rapid sand filters, it shouldn't be. Kuai Liang appreciated Zhuge Liang, a talented young man, but now he didn't appreciate him at all. He hated him and wanted to kill Zhuge Liang. Kuai conscience in sigh, hand said; "humble position for Xiangyang people thanks master." Wang can shook his head and said, "Xiangyang is under my rule, and the people are also my subjects. There is no need to thank them.". Zirou, you select a few representatives from the remaining doctors and let them enter the palace. We will discuss the matter of curbing the epidemic. "No!" Kuai Liang nodded, and then turned to find someone. When Kuai Liang left, Wang can shouted,MBR reactor, "Somebody, summon Shi." As soon as the order was delivered, Shi a hurried in and saluted Wang can respectfully. "Master," he said, "what are you looking for?" Wang can asked, "Shi, how many days before Cao Cao and Sun Jian arrive in Xiangyang?" Shi a hesitated for a moment and said, "Roughly speaking, there are still two or three days left.". If Cao Cao and sun chien sent elite soldiers as a vanguard, the arrival time may be shorter, but the army will take at least two days to arrive. Shi a is also a busy man now, has been dealing with sun chien and Cao Cao. Wang can ordered: "The news of Cao Cao and Sun Jian must be grasped, not relaxed." After a pause, Wang can went on to say, "There is an epidemic disease in Xiangyang. There is an urgent need for doctors to treat the people. But there are not enough doctors in Xiangyang at the moment. You should send a message to Chengdu immediately. Let Hua Tuo and Zhang Zhongjing take doctors to Xiangyang. You can send some pioneers. The sooner the better." "No!"! Do it at once. When Shi heard about the spread of the epidemic, his expression changed greatly, Wall Penstocks ,Rotating sludge scraper, and he hurried to deliver the message. Not long after Shi left, there was a rush of footsteps outside the hall. KuaiLiang walked in the front, followed by six doctors, the six people are old men with gray beards, is the sainted doctor of Xiangyang. Wang can waved his hand and said, "You don't have to salute. Sit down and talk." Everyone saluted respectfully before sitting down. Wang can looked at the six older doctors and said in a deep voice, "I would like to express my gratitude to you for staying for the people of Xiangyang City. Thank you for your willingness to stay and treat the people." When several people heard this, they hurriedly said that they didn't deserve it. In words, they all regard Xiangyang as their roots, do not want to leave. Wang can asked again, "What do you think of the epidemic disease?" One of the old men said, "King of Shu, the epidemic is a natural disaster, and it is difficult to cure it. We old men can only do our best to save as much as we can. There is no way to save what we can't.". Xiangyang countless people, sick people will certainly be more and more, but our doctors are in short supply, this is a helpless thing. Wang can immediately said, "Don't worry about the lack of doctors. I have sent a message to Chengdu asking Hua Tuo and Zhang Zhongjing to bring doctors to Xiangyang to treat the people, but they still have some time to arrive.". So what we need to do now is to get through this period of time. Please work together to stabilize the epidemic. When the six grey-bearded old men heard this, they exclaimed, "Doctor Hua and Doctor Zhang are coming?" They were surprised and their eyes sparkled with excitement. The six old guys were not excited to see Wang can, but they were overjoyed to hear Hua Tuo and Zhang Zhongjing. In fact, just as officials look forward to meeting the emperor and scholars look forward to meeting the great Confucian scholars, these doctors naturally want to see the elegant demeanor of the divine doctors and chat with Zhang Zhongjing and Hua Tuo to discuss medicine. Wang can said with a smile, "Both of you will come. Don't worry.". But before that, the most important thing is to prevent the spread of the epidemic. I have some ways, which should be feasible. Kuai Liang's eyes lit up and he said, "Please show me." Wang can took his time and said, "First, all the sick people, whether they are the gentry, the gentry, the officials, or the common people, should be isolated and not allowed to come into contact with others, so as to avoid the spread of the disease. Second, all the bowls and chopsticks, clothes, and articles that have been used by the sick people should be burned, and clothes and things should be provided separately, so that the sick people cannot be left among the common people."; Third, all places in the city are sprayed with lime water for special disinfection and sterilization; fourth, once the dead livestock in the city are found, they are all killed and buried, which is the way of epidemic transmission and can not be sloppy. After a pause, Wang can looked at Kuai Liang and said, "Zi Rou, you must carry out these four principles. If you really can't, you can mobilize the soldiers in the city and enforce them. If there are people who resist, act first and report later." "No!" Kuai Liang nodded, eyes show the color of expectation. I hope these methods are useful. After Wang can finished, an old doctor asked,disc air diffuser, "King of Shu, Shen Nong's Herbal Classic records that lime can be used as medicine, but I haven't heard that adding water to lime can kill viruses."? What is antivirus? Why should clothes and livestock be burned and buried? I don't know where the King of Shu learned about these methods. Please give me some advice. 。